Monday, August 26, 2019


In case any of you are still may have noticed a lack of activity.  A variety of issues have happened over the last few years.  It basically has come time to simply declare that I'm retired. So...I'm retired. 

There are going to be a couple of "evergreen" on-demand programs available.  And I'll leave these blogs up. 

Thanks for your readership and support over the years. 

Friday, August 17, 2018

Service Sales and Wayfair

After leading the nation in local soda taxes, California bans them – Wacky Tax Wednesday

South Carolina Publishes Remote Seller Sales Tax Guidance

Plymouth man charged with 38 tax felonies

Michigan – Sales Tax Application Scam

Tax Q&A: What happens if I don’t collect sales tax?

Sales Taxes in a Post-Wayfair, Post-Kennedy World

Sales Tax Compliance for the Amazon Seller

Sales Tax Slice: Taxes on Streaming Services are Music to States’ Ears

States Start to Enforce Online Sales Tax Laws, Look to Tax Marketplace Providers

Vehicles Used to Transport Materials between Facilities Taxable in Arkansas

Some out-of-state retailers required to collect Idaho sales tax

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Trade Shows Create Nexus in Illinois

Remote Seller Tax Collection Not Yet Required in Wyoming

Nonprofit Entities, Too, Can Be Impacted by U.S. Supreme Court’s New State Sales Tax Rules

Phoenix car dealership indicted for hoarding sales tax

Why $500K could be the highest exemption from online sales tax collections

State Treasurer: Sales Tax to be Collected from Out-of-State Online Retailers - MI,4679,7-121-1755_1963-475030--,00.html


Missouri – Sale of Live, Unprocessed Tilapia, Raised By Seller, Is Not Subject To Sales Tax

Is Federal Digital Sales Tax Legislation on Its Last Leg?

Florida – Applies Wayfair Retrospectively In Recent Court Case

How States are Reacting to Wayfair Ruling

SCDOR has issued Public Drafts related to the application of the registration and tax collection requirements for SC Sales and Use

Friday, August 10, 2018

With Wayfair Decided, Will a Federal Solution be Needed?

Wayfair & Economic Nexus for Foreign Sellers: Key Sales Tax Questions

States Follow South Dakota: A By-State Guide on Economic Nexus

Vehicle telematics and communications tax: What's next for the consumer auto industry?

Sales tax, income tax, and use tax: What are the main differences?

Warren Averett’s State by State Nexus Standards for Internet Sales Tax Ruling

If Online Sellers, South Dakota Settle Tax Beef, Who Wins?

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Enacted Louisiana sales and use tax law amends tax rate and availability of exclusions/exemptions

Maine Revenue Services Issues Guidance for Remote Sellers

Sales Tax Slice: Getting into the Nitty-Gritty of Sales Tax Holidays

NCDOR to Require Certain Remote Sellers to Collect Sales Tax

Sales and Use Tax Guidance for Online Sellers

2018 sales tax changes: mid-year update

9 Sales Tax Tips To Keep Your Small Business Mighty

Ohio's manufacturing exemption and the treatment of employment services are the subject of recent court decisions

South Dakota Department of Revenue responds to Wayfair decision

Call for sales tax simplification

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wisconsin Provides Guidance on Lodging Marketplace Tax Duties

Extras on Excise: Oregon Tax on New Vehicle Sales Holds Up Against Constitutional Challenge

Arkansas Discusses Grounds to Cancel Sales and Use Tax Permits

State Gasoline Tax Rates as of July 2018

Alabama's Internet Sales Tax Plan

Spotlight on South Carolina: After Wayfair, Sales and Use Tax Compliance for E-Commerce in South Carolina

Wayfair - What If the Respondents Were NOT Billion Dollar Sellers?

She's got a point. 

State tax collectors target Santa Barbara's cascarones vendors

Sales Tax 101: All About Those Rates, No Trouble